Bog Snorkelling

The Rude Health World Bog Snorkelling Championships were held on Sunday, August 25th, 2019. On a beautiful, hot day 175 people entered to bog snorkel the 60-yard bog twice. The World Champion, Neil Rutter was once again attempting to beat his world record, which is 1 minute 18.83 seconds. There were competitors from all the world making it once again an international competition. Many bog snorkellers entered for fun in fancy dress.

The results were as follows:

First Male – Neil Rutter 1.21.78

First Female and Local female –  Betsy Creak 1.42.22

Junior Male – William Johnson 2.45.69

Junior female – Bee Johnson 2.32.21

Over 50s and International Male – Ian Maclathan (SA) 1.38.75

Local Male – Alex Creak 1.56.47

Local Female – Alex Sindry 3.08.12


Establishing shot for Llanwrtyd Wells Bog Snorkelling Championships.
The setting for Rude Health Bog Snorkelling Championships-the Cambrian hills.
Competitors have to snorkel for 60 yards in the bog.
No 2 Bog . Large crowd watching events.
John Davies the owner of the bog reading a poem for the bog. Lady Lily the Pink is the compere for the event.
Fancy Dress competitor at Rude Health Bog Snorkelling championships
The Blue Ninja Bog Snorkeller.
Fancy dress competitors at bog snorkelling
Leopard skin and Bog weed man.
Fancy dress in bog snorkelling
The woman in white. Wearing the wedding dress in the bog.
Man in the bog weighed down by weed.
The World Champion Bog Snorkeller
Neil Rutter, The World Bog Snorkelling Champion.
Man, dog and the masked people.

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