Bog Snorkelling 2023

Llanwrtyd Wells is famous for its alternative events and World Championship Bog Snorkelling is one of the best and most fun sports events anywhere on the planet. This year was no exception, but at the serious end of the competition, the current World record holder Neil Rutter smashed his record by 6 seconds!
On Saturday on the bog weekend, the inaugural bogathlon took place. This event includes a 60-yard bog snorkel, 2-mile cross-country cycle and a 1-mile cross-country run. A brilliant fun event if you don’t mind getting wet and muddy. Photos by Peter Barnett and Martin Pigott.
A mountain biker wearing a snorkel at the Bogathlon
Snorkel mountain bike rider

Woman diving into the ditch at the Bogathlon

Woman jumping a water ditch at the Bogathlon
Jumping the ditch
Woman jumping across a ditch at the Bogathlon
Ditch jumping at the Bogathlon
Neil Rutter World Bog snorkeller champion in his wet suit.
Neil Rutter World Bog Snorkelling Champion

Ken and Barbie fancy dress Bog snorkelling competitors.
Ken and Barbie at the Bog
Bog snorkellers making a splash in the bog
Making a spalsh

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