The Cabin Hypnotherapy

The Cabin Hypnotherapy

Keeping with the Wellness ethos in the area The Cabin Hypnotherapy clinic is run by local resident, Lynne Parnall.
If you’re visiting the area why not come along for a relaxation session for half an hour or if you’re here for a sporting event let me help you with that persistent muscle ache or confidence levels.
Lynne is a fully qualified and accredited Hypnotherapist holding a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Dip. Hyp.), and the Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (DHP). Lynne is also a qualified Life Coach.

Lynne describes hypnotherapy and other psychological techniques

“Hypnosis never ceases to amaze me. In fact, I think it’s awesome! Hypnosis first started being used back in the late 1800s primarily by surgeons performing operations using hypnosis as an anaesthetic, but the concept has been around for much longer than that.
Due to the differing beliefs of what hypnosis is, in addition to how it is represented in the media and the entertainment industry, there are a lot of misconceptions around and I find that many of my clients hold one or two of these misconceptions about it too. So, I am going to explain what hypnosis is and what it isn’t so that you have a better understanding of it before you come to see me for hypnotherapy.
Throughout our day, there are many times where we are focused intently on what we’re doing to the exclusion of everything else around us. We are so absorbed when we read a book, watch TV, or drive a car that we don’t notice anything else. We can achieve this focused awareness/attention too when we use hypnosis. Hypnosis helps you to create and enhance the mindset where you are focused, absorbed and aware. And we all know when we are paying attention and fully engaged with what we are doing, we are able to take things on board and learn much easier.
I use hypnosis in therapy, i.e. hypnotherapy, in conjunction with other psychological techniques, drawing on my Psychodynamic Counselling and Coaching experience among others to direct your attention, engage your imagination, and seed new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving allowing you to make the desired changes in your life.
Irrespective of your reasons for seeking help, hypnotherapy can offer you a wide variety of support. Research shows that hypnotherapy can guide you in changing how you think, how you feel, and how you behave, even release you from pain. I can help you to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that things can improve.
My ethos is to give you my complete attention, listen to you, and either relieve you of a nagging phobia or work with you on a deeper level. We all have issues, large or small and at times need a bit of help to overcome them”.
Tel: 07784 376741

Showing Lynne Parnall at the entrance to the cabin.
Lynne Parnall in the porch of the Cabin.
Lynne Parnall, Hypnotherapist with client.
Lynne Parnall with a client, Interior of the cabin.

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