Sheep Dog Trials

The Annual Abergwesyn Sheep Dog Trials took place on August 8, 2019

There were 95 competitors run on the day, with some of our competitors coming from – Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, France and Texas
The judge on the day was Kelvin Broad from Carmarthenshire.

Open National style:

1st – Kevin Evans – Doug -11
2nd – Kevin Evans – Bec – 12 (OLF)
3rd – Karen Haker – Elsa -12
4th – Bryan Pugh – Glen -15
5th – Alain Muriedas – Kate – 19 (Outrun, lift & Fetch)
6th – Gino Pinto – Bill Jnr. – 19

Open South Wales style:

1st Pricilla Augusteen – Bruce -7
2nd Karen Haker – Case -16
3rd Maco Hesse – Idem -18
4th Kevin Evans – Ross – 19vv

The Sheepdog Trial starts with a man waving a whote flag.

Landscape of the Abergwesyn Sheep Dog Trials

Sheep have to go through the gate to complete the trial

Showing spectators at the Abergwesyn Sheep Dog Trials

Portrait of Shepherd and dog.

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