Each year on New Year’s Eve at Llanwrtyd Wells we celebrate the Welsh Mari Lwyd folk tradition.  The Mari Lwyd is an ancient folk custom originating from Glamorgan and Gwent. Mari Lwyd in Welsh translates as “Y Fari Lwyd” and in English as the “Grey Mare”. Over 80 people from a crowd of 200 carried torches from the Square at Llanwrtyd Wells on a walk-in to call at Llanwrtyd Hall, Abernant outward bounds center and Brodawel on Ffos Road. At each establishment, the Mari Lwyd sang verses, performing a series of “Pwnco” and challenged the occupants to open the door and allow the gathering in, from inside the door came a verse reply and slamming of the door. Eventually, the Mari Lwyd was admitted and refreshments were served to the followers of the Mari Lwyd.

Once back at the Neuadd square drummers drummed in the New Year and Dangerous Dave Rock band played into the early hours in the Neuadd Arms Hotel.


Walkers light torches to carry on the Mari Lwyd.
Lighting torches at the Neuadd Hotel, Llanwrtyd Wells to carry on the Mari Lwyd walk on New Year,s Eve, 2019.
Walkers on the Mari Lwyd carry torches through the street of Llanwrtyd Wells.
Torch Bearers walking on the Mari Lwyyd, new year’s eve 2019, Llanwrtyd Wells.
The Mari Lwyd sings a verse of song in Welsh.
Mari Lwyd singing a verse of a song in Welsh at Llanwrtyd Wells, Newe Year’s Eve, 2019.
The Mari Lwyd is a horse head carried on a pole.
The Mari Lwyd at the Abernant, Llanwrtyd Wells, New Year’s Eve, 2019.

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