Dolwen Field

Dolwen Field Update

Over the last few months the Dolwen Field project has made great strides towards its end goal of building a sensory garden and providing recreation for all. The perimeter path has been tarmacked and now joins the Coronation Drive and the pavilion. The sensory garden has a new resin path and a planter, also planting has started in the garden. Planting has also taken place behind the pavilion with a hedge around the car park and many trees dotted around the ground, also raised beds have been made ready for vegetables. A wild meadow has been sown and the Bear is due for repair and will find its home soon in the sensory garden. We have also had a steam train cross our Victorian bridge at the bottom of the park, which also caused much exitement at the station.

Jim Davies shifting soil and preparing the sensory garden.
The sensory garden before the resin path.
The new resin path in the sensory garden.
The planter being constructed in the sensory garden.
The planter completed in the sensory garden.
GM Joyce workers digging up the old path to the pavilion.
Two men laying tarmac path behind the pavilion.
Steam train over the Irfon and Victorian Bridge.



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