Farmer Idris Jones with two of his lambs

Welsh farmer with lambs

Any visitor to Llanwrtyd Wells for the first time will be struck by the numbers of sheep here in the Heart of Wales, especially in the Spring when one can enjoy the delight of lambs at play. Idris Jones, who sadly passed away in 2017, is seen here with two of his lambs on his farm at Erwbeili.

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  1. So much local history in just one man
    From being cleared off the Epynt hills to make way for a military training camp in WW2 to the flooding of villages when building of the dams so that water could be sent to The Midlands. He loved telling tales of the latter to tourists when a dry summer would reveal the old farm buildings.
    He had such a big part to play in the village (sorry, smallest town in Britain) as well as being known far and wide within the farming community.
    He was proud to be Welsh (taking a deep gulp of fresh Welsh air before crossing the border on reluctant trips to England) and was never happier than when finding people to speak his native tongue to.
    He had a mischievous sense of humour but never in a bad way along with an engaging twinkle in his eye.
    Idris is still sadly missed by those of us that were fortunate to have known him.
    Thankfully, some of his stories have been saved for prosperity but I am sure there are many more besides.

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